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5 times how to shape your body with a barre workout

Have you already noticed the booming barre workout trend? I did, but I never knew why it was so crazy popular all of a sudden – until I tried it out myself! In this blog post I give you 5 reasons why the barre workout is the hottest fitness trend to shape your body and why I think you should give it a try too! Because this is a workout method that everybody(!) can do..

First things first, “barre” is pronounced as “bar”. I didn’t know that, but know I do and you too :p The barre workout trend is a ballet-inspired training method to build toned and lean muscles and shape your body. The barre you are holding onto while doing a barre workout is a waist-level bar.

The barre workout is perfect for women looking for a workout that creates long, lean muscles. And what I like so much, is that it is nothing like a boot camp, Crossfit sweat session or HIIT, because there’s less of an intimidation factor. Barre exercises don’t get into the killer moves of high-intensity interval training or result in its supposed “bulking” of muscles.

Primark invited me to a barre class to try their new sports collection (which is totally awesome btw!) and the barre teacher explained me why a barre workout is so good for you!

1. Train multiple muscle groups at once!
Every barre exercise is highly efficient, because you’re combining two to four movements in each move: holding, pulsing (slow & fast), stretching.

2. Barre increases endurance
The barre workout is a constant strength training with small movements performed fast-paced style. That training technique helps increasing your endurance and heart rate.

3. Barre for abs!
After the first 15 minutes of my barre class, I felt already the beauty of barre for your core. Each barre exercise includes your core, and yes, even if you are working the arms or lower body. Your core is always engaging, thus strengthening, thus shaping.

4. My favorite: flexibility
Each barre interval ends with ballet stretches and ballet stretches are a major part of the total barre workout. This helps the muscles being elongated, bulk is reduced and alignment and balance are achieved. Personally, this is exactly what I’m looking for so this workout technique felt so good to me!

5. Hello to your mind and body connection
What surprised me the most was how the smaller barre movements bring a new level of awareness to your body. Totally different than what you get in regular strength workouts! During my barre class and even the day after, I felt how barre can improve muscular activation for frequently underused muscles. How? Barre strengths the neuromuscular (mind and body) connection = concentration.

Last but not least, I want to highlight that you don’t have to be a ballet dancer to do a barre workout! Trust me! I did it as a complete newbie and I survived 🙂 At first I got kind of lost in all the pliés, but you’ll find your way in no-time.

Give barre a try girls! Despite how easy it may appear, you will be surprised with just how much of a workout it actually is 😉

With love,
P.S. Wanna know more about my first barre experience? Feel free to raise all your questions below!

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