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Smile: 4 tips to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and fit

Being happy and healthy is my focus in life and it’s a lifestyle I love to have! I like taking care of my body and mind to benefit from it the most. And surprise-surprise, my teeth are part of this as well! Though keeping our mouth healthy is super important for an overall good health, we tend to neglect our mouth flora. So I thought, let’s dive into that subject!

Besides our intestinal flora, we should be good to our oral flora as well. Our mouth is actually where our digestion starts, so this microbiome should be in balance. It contains billions of bacteria, of which most are good and help to protect our mouth. Though if the good and bad bacteria are not in balance, we can experience all kind of problems that can affect more than just the teeth. However, you can make sure that this won’t happen!

“A healthy smile is the happiest smile”

There are multiple ways to keep your mouth microbiome balanced, because brushing is just one aspect of a healthy mouth.

TIP 1: Choose natural
We brush our teeth two or three times a day, which creates a good base for a healthy mouth. But which tooth paste we use plays a role as well. I like mine to have natural enzymes and proteins that naturally protect my teeth and oral flora, like Zendium. This allows for the good bacteria to flourish. With the Zendium Extra Fresh tooth paste you can combine natural protection with extra clean and fresh feelings – double win!

TIP 2: Clean it good

Besides brushing we should want to fully clean our teeth by using tooth picks as well. This helps to clean the places your brush cannot. It may take a little extra time, but doing this every day gives best results for teeth and gum. Choose a size that fits your teeth best and use daily. Also don’t forget to visit your dentist at least once a year! A regular checkup can prevent caries and other problems.

TIP 3: Cut down on sugar
We already know that too much sugar isn’t good for our body in general. Though it might be even more harmful for your teeth than you might think. Sugar affects our teeth by raising the bacteria that contribute to dental caries and nah.. that’s no fun! And not only food, but also drinks can do harm. Soda (yes, sugar free as well) and other drinks high in acid (like orange juice) can get the microorganism out of balance. They inhibit the good bacteria that we need! So for strong and fresh teeth we should prevent drinking too much of these and go for water and tea instead.

TIP 4: Go for plant based
Plant based food has many health benefits and that counts for our healthy mouth as well. The fiber, vitamins and minerals in fruit, veggies, nuts, etc. increase the good bacteria! These foods are not only a big plus for our gut and the environment, it also helps in creating a balanced oral hygiene. Another very good reason to eat more of those!

Now you know there are many quite easy ways to keep your mouth as healthy as the rest of your body. We should want to be balanced from top to toe 🙂 Taking care of your mouth shouldn’t be underestimated as it contributes to a fit and healthy lifestyle!

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