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4 times why I prefer to train alone – but still supervised

Do you feel it too? Those first warm and sweet Spring vibes – I love it! This new season brings new energy to get things going. We feel like getting active again and increase that positive energy. But how do we hold on to those good feelings?

For example by having a good workout! And for this we don’t necessarily need others to get started. You have more power than you might think to achieve desired results. I prefer going to the gym when I feel like it, without having to depend on others. And being this individually has multiple positive aspects. Check out my personal four benefits of sporting solo, but still supervised!

Why I prefer to train alone…

Improved results
By working out on your own you can focus on what’s important for YOU. Set your personal goals and find out what you need to reach those. With this in mind you can improve your skills and get better results than when you are focusing on others. Evaluate every now and then how the progress is going and adjust if necessary.

Better dedication
Without others to lean on, you are responsible for your own success. There isn’t anyone that you can blame when things don’t go as they should. The awareness of having more responsibility can increase your will to stay active and really work for it. This means more determination to reach your goals!

More confidence
When you’re not being ‘obligated’ to work out at certain moments, the motivation needs to come from within. Working for your own success gets your confidence growing. You learn to motivate yourself to keep going. Learning to believe in yourself makes you stronger both mentally and physically!

Creating a rhythm
By working out independently you can determine your own rhythm. Whether you like to do early morning workouts or go all in before dinner time – it’s all possible! Just do whatever suits you best so you can create a workout rhythm that you can easily stick to. This helps to get the most out of your workouts. At my gym SportCity the “Get Started” program is developed to help you create a solid sports rhythm. You work out on your own, but with some back-up from a professional coach. Doing it on your own doesn’t mean you can’t use a helping hand sometimes 😉

Remember you don’t need to be perfect. The only one you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday 🙂 So no excuses, just get started!

With love,

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