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4 times why I include low-fat dairy foods into my diet

Who grew up drinking milk at almost every meal? ME! My mom told me that dairy foods – like milk – offer a bounty of health benefits. I still believe it’s important to include dairy products in my diet, but this time around I make sure to choose low-fat products. Wanna know why?  Today I give you 4 reasons why I love my dairy!

Dairy products like yoghurt(drinks), milk, quark and cheese are packed with essential nutrients that help to keep you and me healthy.

1. Protein
Nr. 1 pro of dairy foods is the protein factor. Personally, I try to drive muscle growth by getting most of my daily protein from dairy sources. And let’s be honest, when it comes to whole-food sources of complete proteins there’s not a lot to choose from. I eat chicken, fish, eggs, cottage cheese and dairy. Especially low-fat quark is my all-time best protein friend!

2. Calcium
Dairy foods are chock-full of calcium and calcium makes the bones stronger. The mineral calcium is also required for muscles to contract properly and I have read that it has been linked to weight-loss, but I’m not sure about that one.. Milk, Greek style yogurt, quark and cottage cheese all pack a protein and calcium punch in every serving.

3. Vitamin D
Especially milk is a convenient and concentrated source of Vitamin D and Vitamin D is an essential dietary component for bone health. Again, cheers to dairy foods!

4. Weight-loss
I had a little doubt if I should tell you this, but I’ll just do and you can draw your own conclusions.
Every since I started my weight-loss journey, I have read that people who consume dairy products as part of a weight-loss diet, lose more weight (and more easily!) than people who don’t eat dairy. I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m not sure whether this is true, but I do know that it has always helped me to lose 13kg weight and I still keep it in my diet.

Which dairy foods do I eat?
I aim to consume some low-fat dairy each day. That can differ from low-fat milk, low-fat Greek style yogurt, cottage cheese light, low-fat quark and my absolute favorite dairy food right now: a 0%fat Greek style yoghurt drink! If you are -just like me- watching your weight, I think there are good reasons to choose low-fat dairy foods over full-fat offerings. Especially because switching to low-fat dairy foods doesn’t mean you’ll get less protein, calcium or Vitamin D, but you will win on the calorie intake!

TIP: My #1 favorite 0% fat dairy food that only counts 44kcal per 100 ml!
I’m always on the run and therefore picking out dairy foods that are easy to consume on the go. Each day I eat low-fat quark or Greek yogurt to keep up on my protein-and calcium intake and I prefer to turn it into a shake or smoothie. Because hey! Drinking on the run is way easier right? :-p Quark or yoghurt on itself has a distinctive taste and therefore I prefer to consume it in combination with other flavors.

Let me introduce you to my latest discovery: the Optimel Greek Style yogurt drink! It’s soft, creamy, fresh, super tasty and very important: 0% fat and no added sugar. I prefer to drink the mini “on the go” package of 200 ml as a snack and it only counts 88 kcal! REALLY! That’s like nothing and it’s still incredibly filling. Greek style yoghurt drink has two flavors (fig and honey & walnut) which makes it even more fun to vary. And at this moment all the Dutchies can try this product for free in store, click here to read how! YES!!

Do you eat low-fat dairy foods too? And what’s your favorite dairy food? I wanna know, tell me girls! 🙂

With love,

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