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4 reasons why you should love burpees!

It’s time for BURPEEESSS! Burpees are that type of exercise you most likely hate (me too!), but let me give you four reasons why you should love them and should always try to include them in your weekly workouts!
There are several ways to do your burpees; with weights, a plank, a truck jump or complete push up. I prefer to do my burpees with a challenge bag and I try to do them weekly because it’s one of the most efficient and full body functional exercise. Ever since I included these in my workout routines, I can see it has a great effect on my body – full body!

1. You train every muscle in your body
While doing burpees you are actually doing a full body training because you use every muscle in your body. This makes it an efficient and effective way to burn (fast) more calories in a shorter amount of time. Always try to increase intensity, girls!

2. Burpees make you stronger
Burpees are so functional for your whole body that it will also make your whole body stronger. Think of your arms, quads, chest, core, hamstrings, glutes and butt.

3. Burpees boost your condition
Doing burpees will improve your endurance and condition fast! Just try to do 1 minute of consistent burpees and you will see what I’m talking about 😉

4. You can adjust burpees to any workout, anywhere..
No matter where you are, you can always do burpees. No matter which type of workout you are doing (warming up, HIIT, cardio, weight training) you can always adjust a burpee challenge because the only tool you need is: YOU!

Girls, please tell me in the comment section below: what does your burpee workout look like? 🙂

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