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Couple goals: 4 times how you get romantically active without a gym

Hi there my loves! I guess none of us missed it, it’s Valentine’s day again and that means lots of lovely things are happening around us 🙂 You may have some special plans ahead, but if not, then I have four ideas to get romantically active without a gym. Nr. 2 is my fav…

The past few weeks I’ve challenged you weekly with a “Wednesday walking challenge” to walk 10,000 steps a day and get more active together. (a super fun collab with Nelson!) I’m overwhelmed by your enthusiasm and motivation to reach these walking goals every week!

Food is the base for our health, though the energy that comes in needs to be used as well. Sitting is seen as the new smoking, so getting your daily exercise is super important for a good health. Our bodies need enough activity to burn calories and create energy, make our muscles and joints stronger, have good working organs, and prevent all sorts of diseases.

“So being active daily will have you not only look good but also feel much better, both physically and mentally.”

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to get your daily exercise, as there are multiple ways to get this done. And my special Valentine’s edition challenge will boost the butterflies too – yay. I’ve got a few ideas for you to get active together without setting foot in the gym.

Here’s what you could do to get romantically active without a gym:

1. Go take a dancing lesson with your partner! It may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but it can be a lot of fun and you won’t even realize that you are being super active.

2. Take a romantic afternoon walk by the beach or in a nearby park to enjoy the fresh air (dress well or it may be a very cooold walk) and make a lovey-dovey selfie after 3000 steps 🙂

3. Make a full 3 course Valentine’s dinner together for which you will have to be sweating in the kitchen for + doing the grocery shopping. A win-win due to the active cooking, plus it’s much more cosy than a fully booked restaurant with all those other lovebirds haha

4. In the evening do some relaxing yoga and stretching poses before going to bed, to get you zen and ready for sweet dreams. Don’t forget the candles and some romantic background music!

Go and invite your favorite Valentine to do this week’s challenge! Getting active together will double the fun of creating a healthy body. Lacking time to do any of the above? Try to combine your daily tasks with some extra walking around. For example show some love to your colleagues at work by bringing around tea or coffee!

Happy Valentine’s day my dears, and make it an special one 😉

With love,

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