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When business meets pleasure on Ibiza

When business meets pleasure on Ibiza! This lucky bastard was invited to visit the beautiful island for a blog trip of 4 days in order to work on some amazing collaborations. I’m in love with everything on this island, so for me this was such an amazing experience! WOW! Want to know what I’ve been up to? Check out this diary..
From the moment I started the Foodie-ness blog I have been kind of scared to fail or be dis-liked? A bit stupid actually, because how can you fail when you’re doing something you love! During my flight to Ibiza I had that “happiness reality check” kind of feeling. I almost couldn’t believe that this was happening! The girl who started a blog almost one year ago was invited for a blog trip! I feel so grateful and want to take my chance (right here, right now) to thank YOU, because this would have never happened if it wasn’t for YOUR love and support.

Though it was a short visit I had the chance to bring my boyfriend and I couldn’t be more happy. As we’re both quite busy at home it was really joyful to have some time together and enjoy the beauty and fun of this island. Each day we worked in the early morning till lunch and after that we could spent our free time. Perfect! The first day we rent a Jeep to drive in Ibiza style. We explored the island, beaches, (old) Ibiza-town, party, went to a hippy market and: ATE A LOT!

I got to be honest, I completely lost control and let my Foodie-ness lifestyle slip away. Like I forgot my healthy habits at home ha ha whoops! At the moment I couldn’t care less, because I was enjoying it so much and it’s beneficial for your motivation rut to have a break once in a while. I gotta tell ya, I had 4 pieces of cheesecake in one weekend and ate a Nutella pancake each morning for breakfast at our hotel. How many burpees would that already be? :-p

Oh and btw! We got some awesome massages at the spa of our hotel, how-relaxed! We stayed in the Ibiza SUN hotel and they had these beautiful massage beds next to the pool. Who likes massages toooo?

Now let’s share some photo’s of my very first blog trip, hope you like to see it girls!

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