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VIDEO: 23 min. legs and bum workout

Yippee-ya-yay! It’s finally time to introduce to you: the first “Workout with Foodie-ness” video. Summer is just around the corner and working out is simply more fun together, so therefore I want to invite you to train with me for the next 6 weeks and get summer-ready. Are you in for today’s 23 min. legs and bum workout?

For the next couple of weeks, you can weekly expect a new 23 min. workout video online on the Foodie-ness blog. Each workout can be performed at home, at the gym or even outside at the park. And whether you’re a newbie or an advanced fit girl, we can all enjoy these workouts. How? Simply adjust the weight of dumbbells to your level.

Each week we’ll focus on another body part and with this video we’ll kick-off with the lower body: a legs and bum workout. Don’t forget to bring your bottle of water, a towel and a nice playlist to make your workout even more successful. Any other questions? Feel free to raise them in the comment section below, I’m more than happy to help!

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  • Anke

    Hallo Carolina!
    Super fijne oefeningen om te doen thuis! Doe jij zulke oefeningen ook altijd? En als je naar de sportschool gaat, heb je dan een schema? Hoe ziet die er uit (lower en upper body)?


    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi Anke!

      Wat super leuk om van je te horen dat de workout je bevalt! TOPPIE!
      Zelf train ik ook voornamelijk met zulke oefeningen en altijd in circuits. Op deze manier combineer ik kracht en cardio en dat werkt voor mij fijn 🙂

      Ik train per spiergroep, dus de ene dag lower body, dan upper body, core, etc.

      Ga zo door en ik hoop dat de volgende video’s je ook goed bevallen 🙂

      Bedankt en liefs,

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