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VIDEO: 23 min. abs workout

Yippee-ya-yay! It’s time for a new 23 min. Foodie-ness workout video and this is one of everyone’s favorite subjects: abs training. I have always dreamed about a flat stomach, lean abs and a slim waist. You too? Here is my favorite abs workout with exercises for toning your midsection.

Though I always had a main focus on toning my tummy, it’s even more important to have strong abs. A strong core will improve your posture, protect your back and help you to train with lots of heavy weights! To get a flat stomach and lose belly fat, you will have to obtain and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. However, to tone it up and get that strong beach belly, you should definitely try my 23 min. abs workout video.

These ab-exercises are easy to perform at home, at the gym or even at the park and: way more fun to do together with your best fit friends!

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Please let me know if you like these type of videos girliessssss 🙂

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