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Sunday, I’ve missed you!

reOh hi there Sunday, you’re back – I’ve missed you! Today is my rest day -no workout- and I’m super excited to put all of my energy into my new best friend: the foodie-ness blog. Welcome to my home and my favourite spot in the house. When I first saw this chair I immediately fell in love and I’m enjoying every minute my agenda allows me to spent in it. I force myself to put my body and mind in ‘relax mode’ and enjoy the sunny view. Sunday is that one day in the weekend when I take a day of rest to recover and do not workout. While having a full time job, Sunday allows me to shoot more cool stuff for the blog and work on projects to inspire you. At this point I’m still in preparation phase with the blog so I can’t stop working on it and I am thinking every minute about the best topics that can help you make progress. Every journey to get fit and stay fit is a personal and unique one, but sharing my experiences with you and offering you tools hopefully makes yours more fun and innovative! Hope you enjoy your Sunday too sweet foodie-ness readers and let me know if you want me to highlight a topic of your preference.

Tomorrow a new week is starting; a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again, YAY!

With love,

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