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Squat and press to sculp your feminine curves

Long live the kettlebel! In this blog post I’ll talk about a super easy kettlebell workout that will torch fat, build strength, improve cardio fitness and tone up your feminine curves. Are you after a leg and butt-busting strength exercise? The weighted squat and press exercise will make that lower body burn to the max and prep it for your next famous “leg-moment”.

The weighted squat and press exercise is an absolute must to incorporate into your next leg day! This exercise will improve your full body strength (glutes, hamstrings, quads) and also greatly increase your core strength and stability. I love the great variation that comes with this exercise. Though I prefer to use a kettlebel, you can vary with dumbbells, a barbell or a medicine ball. And if you’re working out at home (or outdoor) and you can’t provide yourself with these type of fitness equipment, just use water bottles!

Beginner or advanced fit girl? No worries, simply adapt the weight and try to increase it each week. Woohooo, guess we’re all saved by the kettlebell!

Weighted squat & press
Start position: Stand up with your feet wider than shoulder-with and hold a kettlebell/medicine ball or other weight with two hands in front of your stomach.
Movement: Squat down as low as you can until your knees are bent about 90 degrees, keeping your back straight and your heels on the ground. During this movement you lower the kettlebell between your legs and in line with your face until it almost touches the ground. TIP: Keep your back as upright as possible and make sure your knees don’t cross the plain of your toes.
Finish: Press back up while you raise the kettlebell above your head with extended arms. Come back into your start position and repeat the movement.

GO!: 4x 20 reps.

Are you ready to meet your strong and sculpted feminine curves? Set, ready and GO!

  • Melanie sturkenboom

    Ik heb me ingeschreven vd nieuwsbrief.. Ik en mijn man houden ook erg van sport.. Ik hou je in de gaten ..

    • Carolina van Dorenmalen Post author

      Hi Melanie!

      Wat leuk om te horen en bedankt voor je enthousiaste berichtje 🙂
      Let’s stay in touch!


  • sdf

    Your style is unique compared to other folks I have read stuff from.

    Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this page.

    • Lacey

      POSTED March 23, 2012 at 9:00 amI remember talking about this at the first of our Knowledge Exchange Summits (and we should really do another one BTW) a couple of years ago and I am so very glad that you have made this conceptual adlevce.Pnaase let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with this endeavor.

  • Cathy

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