23-11-14 | breakfast |

Good morning banana mug cake

Good morning everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning! I’m kicking off today with a special yummy (healthy!) Sunday breakfast to give myself the best start of the day. While I’m enjoying this banana mug of heaven, I’m directly sharing it with you guys on the blog so you can try it too today! It takes 5 minutes, contains only Read more…

18-11-14 | full body workouts |

How to do your HIIT like a rockstar!

How to burn more fat, build strength and improve endurance FAST? The answer is simple and effective for everyone: HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Read here how to do a killer HIIT! Read more…

Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.

13-11-14 | dinner |

Salmon + greens = perfect low carb salad

Are you having a low carb day and looking for a tasty meal that still contains enough protein, fat and vitamins? Voila! Find here the recipe of one of my favorite low carb salads (I’m an extreme salmon-addict whoops) and let the video tutorial  show you Read more…

Eat better, feel better.

The best project you'll ever work on is you!

12-11-14 | Food | snacks |

Pimp your fruit into a healthy snack!

Training hard and staying committed to your diet sometimes just forces you to compensate with something yummy! When I want to treat myself with something delicious, sweet and still healthy, I pick a fruit and pimp it! Find here a recipe for a fruit snack that you can make very easily, fast and Read More…

Focus on health, not on weight.

09-11-14 | MIND |

Sunday, I’ve missed you!

reOh hi there Sunday, you’re back – I’ve missed you! Today is my rest day -no workout- and I’m super excited to put all of my energy into my new best friend: the foodie-ness blog. Welcome to my home and my favourite Read more…

09-11-14 | Food | snacks |

Legal Crispy Chocolate Cheating

Every girl needs some chocolate from time to time and raw cacao actually offers some health benefits too. Therefore I made myself these raw crispy cacao bars as a healthy treat and guess what; the recipe contains only 4 clean and healthy ingredients! It’s sweet, easy and fast! Who’s in?! Read More…