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Let’s go nuts, people!

Go nuts for nuts! A healthy lifestyle contains a diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and… – very important: fat! Find here 6 healthy benefit facts why you must include those delicious nuts (mindfully consumed) in your diet, starting NOW! Read More…

It's a great day to have a great day

16-12-14 | Move | full body workouts |

Perfect planking? Yes, give it a go!

It’s simple, effective, requires no equipment, can be performed anywhere and develops strength primarily in your core?  Planking? YES! It’s maybe hard to believe that this static exercise could provide such a great result.. until you Read More…

A fit body is always under construction

10-12-14 | drinks |

Oh hey! Super green immunity booster

Hello there! It’s cold outside and it’s that time of the year that people have a weakened immune system. As soon as I experience the first signs of feeling sick, I feed my immune system to boost fight-power! Read here which immunity booster smoothie I treated myself with in order to recover quickly and still keep the carbs low – watch the video for instructions!

Read more…

29-11-14 | Move | weight-loss |

Proper hydration to improve your workout!

The most important nutrient for life? WATER! Staying hydrated is essential for everyone and a healthy lifestyle contains drinking enough water. On a training day however, your body has a bigger need for proper drinking-water-behavior! Read More…

26-11-14 | Move |

Hello bench dips, goodbye dreaded arm jiggle!

Feel like you can’t get rid of the dreaded arm jiggle? Then read this, because hope is not lost! The bench dip exercise is an epic tricep toner and perfect for you to get those toned arms. I’m a big fan, because you can do bench dips whenever, wherever and no Read more…

The harder you work, the better you get.

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Good morning banana mug cake

Good morning everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning! I’m kicking off today with a special yummy (healthy!) Sunday breakfast to give myself the best start of the day. While I’m enjoying this banana mug of heaven, I’m directly sharing it with you guys on the blog so you can try it too today! It takes 5 minutes, contains only Read more…

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How to do your HIIT like a rockstar!

How to burn more fat, build strength and improve endurance FAST? The answer is simple and effective for everyone: HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Read here how to do a killer HIIT! Read more…