05-01-15 | Food | breakfast |

Healthy and happy oats breakfast with pineapple

Skipping your breakfast is harmful, but eating this oatmeal pineapple breakfast is joyful! Today’s foodie blog post is all about a delicious breakfast recipe that’s easy, quick and healthy. Plus.. if you’re a pineapple fan you’re definitely gonna like this one! Read More…

Get FIT: you'll love the results

02-01-15 | Move |

Shine and glow with Fitgirl sportswear

Hey – let’s be honest! Wearing some pretty sportswear helps every girl to kick ass on their workouts. Once we look good, we definitely feel better! That’s something the Fitgirl’s sportswear collection understands perfectly. I had the honor to cooperate with Fitgirl and be able to review their beautiful Baseativa sportswear. I’m super excited to show you the resulted pics in this blog post and Read more…

Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

29-12-14 | MIND |

A Christmas diary: family, snow and skiing

The Christmas tree is gone and Santa left – it’s a pity! I’m still in the afterglow of the beautiful Kitzbuheler Alps in Austria and I can definitely look back at some cheerful and warm Christmas days with my beloved ones. To keep the Christmas spirit a bit longer alive I thought I’d Read more…

Be the best version of you

21-12-14 | |

Let’s go nuts, people!

Go nuts for nuts! A healthy lifestyle contains a diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and… – very important: fat! Find here 6 healthy benefit facts why you must include those delicious nuts (mindfully consumed) in your diet, starting NOW! Read More…

It's a great day to have a great day

16-12-14 | Move | full body workouts |

Perfect planking? Yes, give it a go!

It’s simple, effective, requires no equipment, can be performed anywhere and develops strength primarily in your core?  Planking? YES! It’s maybe hard to believe that this static exercise could provide such a great result.. until you Read More…

A fit body is always under construction