30-01-15 | Move | weight-loss |

Meet my transformation: a personal story

Oh oh- It’s about to get personal today! To be honest I’m kind of nervous to expose my transformation pictures. However, I hope it will inspire you and show that every woman is able to do it – and that’s most important for me! Let me tell you how my transformation changed my life and how you are able to achieve your goals too.
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27-01-15 | MIND |

NYC diary: A happy tourist, runner and blogger

Hi there pretty Foodie-ness readers! “Home sweet home” means it’s time to share with you a diary from my trip to NYC! I’m extremely excited to share some pictures with you and especially a sneak peek on the workout shoot we did in the one and only Central Park – yes, yes, yes!
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Smile, happy looks good on you

Stay patient and trust your journey

16-01-15 | Move | abs |

4 times a home workout: hello abs of steel!

Are you bored of the standard floor crunches and want to take your core workouts to a next level? Have you always dreamed of a ripped core? Well, I DO! Today I highlight 4 of my favorite and do-anywhere ab exercises to work on your upper, lower and side abs. BONUS: You can perform this routine daily in your own comfort living room! Read More…

15-01-15 | Food | weight-loss |

My cheat meal strategy for a fit body

Let’s go crazy! In the weekend I always have 1 thing for sure on my to-do list: CHEAT! The purpose of a cheat meal is to help you stick to your diet. So you can imagine that’s a precious moment in the week and I spent it deliberately, because hey! every girl loves something sweet! Read More…

12-01-15 | Food | weight-loss |

9 golden Foodie-ness rules to easily lose weight

New year, new you! Which intentions have you set for 2015? Do you really, really, really want to live healthy this year, get fit and lose weight? Take my hand, because Foodie-ness is with you and here to help you through the year to achieve your personal goals! Read More…

Just take a step in the right direction

09-01-15 | Move |

4 reasons to strike a yoga pose and get fit

You won’t believe the surprising healthy benefits of yoga! Whether you’re a first timer or an advanced yoga addict: today I’ll tell you 4 times how yoga can give an amazing support to realizing a slim shape.. and mind! Read now why we should all work on our yoga skills and strike some yoga poses on a regular base Read more…