13-02-15 | legs & bum |

Improve overall health with a 25 min stairs workout

We all know that it’s healthy to take the stairs, however do you know to what extend a stairs workout can improve your body? It contains even more impressive benefits and today I will show you how you can perform a 25 minute stairs workout that will take your “fit shape” to new heights! Read more…

Wake up and be happy

05-02-15 | Food | breakfast |

Good morning choco mug cake

A special good morning to all the choco-lovers! After receiving so many happy messages on the Foodie-ness banana mug cake recipe, I’d like to show you today how easily you can change the flavour of the same mug cake into.. chocolate!
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02-02-15 | Food | breakfast |

A one week Foodie-ness food schedule

It’s time for a look in my food diary, girls! What do I eat? When do I workout? How do I adjust my food schedule to my workout schedule? These are the questions I received a lot from you and therefore I wanted to surprise you today with a blog post completely focused on: a one week Foodie-ness schedule! Read More…

The greatest wealth is health

30-01-15 | Move | weight-loss |

Meet my transformation: a personal story

Oh oh- It’s about to get personal today! To be honest I’m kind of nervous to expose my transformation pictures. However, I hope it will inspire you and show that every woman is able to do it – and that’s most important for me! Let me tell you how my transformation changed my life and how you are able to achieve your goals too.
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27-01-15 | MIND |

NYC diary: A happy tourist, runner and blogger

Hi there pretty Foodie-ness readers! “Home sweet home” means it’s time to share with you a diary from my trip to NYC! I’m extremely excited to share some pictures with you and especially a sneak peek on the workout shoot we did in the one and only Central Park – yes, yes, yes!
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Smile, happy looks good on you

Stay patient and trust your journey