06-05-15 | Food | weight-loss |

4 simple eating guidelines for long-term weight loss

Healthy eating = healthy weight loss! Are you interested in losing weight? Help is here! Healthy weight loss can be achieved by eating fewer calories or by burning calories by physical activities. Today I give your 4 simple eating guidelines to achieve lasting weight loss success with a healthy diet Read More…

04-05-15 | Bikini body countdown |

Bikini body countdown: week 7/12 CORE

Good morning, healthy freaks! Let week 7 of the Bikini body countdown be the start of something new, called: defined abs! Great abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen. This week’s video workout is a core killer workout girls! Combine it with a proper diet and I promise you: it will pay off!
Read more…

Good morning beautiful

01-05-15 | Move | weight-loss |

Lost your workout motivation? 7 tricks to get back on track!

Oh oh.. are you in a workout motivation rut and don’t have the rising energy anymore to kick ass like the first weeks you started your journey to get fit? Sometimes it’s just really tough to find the inner power to overcome mental roadblocks and reboot your workout motivation. Today I’m sharing my best tricks to get you Read More…

strawberry milkshake
29-04-15 | Food | drinks |

Skinny Sweet Strawberry Milkshake

Tell me girls, who doesn’t love a fresh, cool, creamy and SKINNY strawberry milkshake?! Since I was a kid I’m a big fan of a strawberry milkshake and therefore I had to make a healthy recipe for the Foodie-ness blog! You’ll only need Read More…

It's always too early to quit

27-04-15 | Bikini body countdown |

Bikini body countdown: week 8/12 FULL BODY

Hi there my lovely Bikini body countdown girls! Today we kick-off week 8 of the program and that means it’s time for an efficient full body workout routine! Accelerate your gains in only 31 minutes and work on your upper body, lower body and core. Only 5 weeks left until you meet your best bikini body ever whoohooo Read more…

24-04-15 | Move |

3 reasons why foam rolling is extremely beneficial

You may have noticed the famous (and amazing!) Kayla Itsines promoting foam rolling for a while, but do you know what benefits your body could get from it? Foam rolling is a self-massage to release muscle tightness and knots and can be extremely beneficial for fit girls of all levels. If you’re a real health freak, you definitely want to Read more…

Take control of your health

22-04-15 | Food | snacks |

Keep calm and bake apple raisin cupcakes

Healthy apple raisin cupcakes make us happy, right?! Together with my sweet girl, Dewi from Healthy Baking bakery, we threw ourselves a healthy cupcake party! Today we explain how you can simply bake these super healthy and tasty apple raisin cupcakes. So pack your bags we’re going on a non-guilt trip, whoop whoop! Read More…