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My healthy eating tips for your next ski vacay

Going on ski vacation is something I enjoy oh-sooo much and I’m feeling super lucky that I even got to go twice this season! Though I’m definitely a summer and beach loving kind of girl, I can also really enjoy fresh snow and sliding on the slopes. But being on ski vacay means a different set up than normal. I get a lot of questions about how I maintain my healthy lifestyle while being in the snowy mountains, and I happily want to share how I do this!

When on vacation it can be hard to stick to our regime of healthy habits, but not impossible. It’s important to prepare yourself for your week of fun, because being in a different environment asks for good preparations! I always start the days with a breakfast with the good kind of carbs to keep me going for a couple of hours – and don’t forget the protein either! A good start of the day brings you halfway 😉 I always carry a backpack while skiing, packed with bottled water and healthy snacks. Think about apples, a portion pack of nuts or a protein bar. You can also make sandwiches, so you won’t have to get a heavy lunch on the slopes. It even saves you some money which you can spend on new ski gear for example haha!

Of course there is time spent in restaurants, where lots of fried and high-calorie food is available. To be honest, this is one thing of ski vacay’s I love so much! Choosing for health doesn’t mean you can’t have any of the good food and drinks that these vacations have to offer. I can enjoy those local specialties so much (kaiserschmarrn and skiwasser for example!!) and it is part of all the fun, so we shouldn’t miss out on that. Though it is important to choose wisely, here are some of my tricks..

My healthy eating tips for your next ski vacay

  • Skip the whipped cream from the hot chocolate;
  • Ask one of your ski partners to share one of those big plates of food with;
  • Between the fries and pasta there might be a dish or two on the menu that goes more towards a healthy meal, like a warming soup full of veggies for your daily dose of vitamins;
  • Stick to a limited amount of alcoholic beverages for the après-ski and remember to keep drinking plenty of water too.
  • Don’t miss out on your water-fruit-and-veggies intake.

And how to burn some extra calories easily..?

Yes your calorie intake might be a little out of control, but is that really a bad thing? I don’t think so actually, because being on ski vacation means you will be exercising most time of the day! Going skiing or snowboarding is quite a workout: you can burn up to 500 calories an hour. And don’t forget about the walking around carrying your gear ads up to that too. Me, I also like to go for a 30 min. night walk after dinner. All this activity during the day burns way more than a daily gym session. This might be hard on your body after some days, so reset yourself with a well-earned wellness moment to fully relax your muscles. Also try to schedule in several heavy leg exercises and stretching sessions a few weeks before your ski vacay to limit your soreness from the physical challenges.

Another important thing is to be prepared with good winter gear. Owning a well suited high quality outfit will keep you warm and (very important!) safe. Don’t forget your sunglasses and ski goggles, because the sunlight can be harmful for your eyes. And think about sunscreen ladies; we don’t want to get sunburned faces!

These sun-snow-ski adventures are to fully ENJOY! Being active while breathing in fresh air, soaking in sunbeams and sharing happy moments feels so amazing. We want to keep healthy, but this isn’t the time to be too strict about food either. I hope my healthy eating tips for your next ski trip will help you, but please remember: it’s all about balance!

What are your favorite health tips and tricks girls? Please help me too and share them in the comment section below? Oh and – with regards for your next summer vacay, here and here are my best healthy eating tips and tricks for that.

With love,

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