26 Jun

Low mood? 5 easy ways to feel super all day!

Work, exercising, social activities, household chores, etc. etc. – we’re keeping ourselves so busy nowadays, that some moments it all just gets the best of you. Everyone can experience those days in which you don’t feel as super as usual and you’re having a low mood. And yes, it can even happen to the most Read more…

06 Jun

Your 5 life-saving tips for happy and healthy feet

The weather is slowly (VERY slowly in Amsterdam..) getting better and I’m super ready for summer days to come! This means we can almost leave our winter gear in the closet and get out the nice summery outfits. One of which are cute sandals that should show healthy and fresh looking feet! Our feet have been “locked up” for the past months, which might have costs Read more…

01 Jun

4 simple tricks to boost hydration for a glowy healthy skin

A glowy healthy skin starts with a hydrated skin. Every day I’m doing my very best to boost hydration from the inside as well as from the outside. Is your face skin feeling dry? Won’t even your blush and highlighter even not seal the deal anymore? Do you look in the mirror and see the opposite of a naturally glowy healthy skin? There’s one likely cause Read more…

29 May

Not yet bikini ready? Read my healthy cutting guidelines!

Summer is just around the corner and that means we are all trying to get in our best shape and feel super confident. To reach this, we can start a period of cutting. Are you thinking about cutting, curious about it or want to know how to do this safely and effective? Please, do it healthy and safe and continue reading for my healthy cutting guidelines. Read more…

13 May

How to prep yourself for bikini season asap?

There’s no getting around it: bikini season is upon us and I’m itching for my very first summer vacay. Nothing is quite as intimidating as bikini season and so 8 weeks ago I’ve picked out this summer vacay as a goal and the perfect timing to get a bikini body on the fly. Well, ok – correction, more just like a healthy beach-ready body. I just wanted to feel a little bit more Read more…

01 May

5 Birkenstock sandals giveaway: step into summer!

Summer season is almost here and that means us girls should be ready to treat our feet with the most beautiful sandals. My quest for summer sandals already started a while ago, because I’m leaving soon for buy summer vacay. I’ve found my favorite summer sandals to make you swoon and “sharing is caring”, so I’ve teamed up to manage a 5 pair of sandals giveaway. Wait – what? YES, FOR REAL! Read more…

27 Mar

My healthy eating tips for your next ski vacay

Going on ski vacation is something I enjoy oh-sooo much and I’m feeling super lucky that I even got to go twice this season! Though I’m definitely a summer and beach loving kind of girl, I can also really enjoy fresh snow and sliding on the slopes. But being on ski vacay means a different set up than normal. I get a lot of questions about how I maintain my healthy Read more…

20 Mar

5 times why springtime is your ultimate happiness booster

Fellow foodies, it’s time for some positivity sharing! I’m feeling great and do you know why? Because finally winter is behind us and it is officially spring again! Don’t get me wrong, I can adore winter with all its magical moments, but the cold can get a bit tiring after a while :-p So I’m definitely appreciating this new season, which always gives me so much new energy, positivity and happy feelings and I want to share Read more…

There's always a reason to smile

28 Feb

5 times how I live healthier using my phone

OK – I’m totally aware of the fact that this blog post’s topic might sound a little crazy.. but it’s not! To obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle involves making healthy choices. And just recently I have realized that a phone can only do so much for you. Most of us nowadays are stuck staring at our phone all day, so why not Read more…

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