A fit body is always under construction

29-11-14 | Move | weight-loss |

Proper hydration to improve your workout!

The most important nutrient for life? WATER! Staying hydrated is essential for everyone and a healthy lifestyle contains drinking enough water. On a training day however, your body has a bigger need for proper drinking-water-behavior! Read More…

26-11-14 | Move |

Hello bench dips, goodbye dreaded arm jiggle!

Feel like you can’t get rid of the dreaded arm jiggle? Then read this, because hope is not lost! The bench dip exercise is an epic tricep toner and perfect for you to get those toned arms. I’m a big fan, because you can do bench dips whenever, wherever and no Read more…

The harder you work, the better you get.

18-11-14 | full body workouts |

How to do your HIIT like a rockstar!

How to burn more fat, build strength and improve endurance FAST? The answer is simple and effective for everyone: HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Read here how to do a killer HIIT! Read more…

Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.

06-11-14 | full body workouts |

4 reasons why you should love burpees!

It’s time for BURPEEESSS! Burpees are that type of exercise you most likely hate (me too!), but let me give you four reasons why you should love them and should always try to include them in your weekly workouts! Read more…

Good things come to those who sweat.

01-11-14 | full body workouts |

Jump ropes make you burn fat fast!

Can’t make it to the gym today and still need to do your workout? I guess we’re all familiar with that! Read here how you can still burn more than 10 calories a minute with just 1 single (fun) tool: Read more…