14 Jul

A Foodie-ness dinner party: what’s on the menu?

Hi-ha-hellooo foodies! Every 3 weeks me and my friends organize a dinner party at someone’s house. If you’re the host of that particular evening, it means you’ll have to serve dinner. This week it was my turn and I wanted to show you what a Foodie-ness menu looks like and how you can treat your guests on some healthy, and still delish food.

Whenever I’m having friends over whom aren’t that into healthy stuff, I find it a challenge to surprise them with good food that’s still bikini-friendly. I got a little crazy and created a 3-course menu, because hey! I’m a giant-eater, so whenever you’re at my place you can expect plates filled with a lot of fooooooood (more details below!)

But first.. check out this video!
Especially for this Foodie-ness dinner party with my girls, I have teamed up with ING. ING is a Dutch retail bank and I’m a happy client ever since I earned my first penny. My girls and I always split the cost for our dinner parties and we prefer to use the app: TWYP, “The Way You Pay”. It’s the perfect tool to easily split group expenses, calculate who owes what, manage debts between friends and you don’t need to wait for the money to be added to your TWYP account. Watch the video to see me behind the scenes while preparing the Foodie-ness dinner party 🙂 (Sorry it’s Dutch only girls!!)

What’s on the Foodie-ness menu?
Starter: healthy eggplant tomato soup
– 900 ml water
– 5 chopped tomatoes: click here to shop!
– 100 gr. finely chopped onions: click here to shop!
– 1 eggplant: click here to shop!
– 1 veggie bouillon cube: click here to shop!
– garlic powder: click here to shop!
– olive oil: click here to shop!
– pepper: click here to shop!
Click here to read how to make it in only 25 minutes!

Main menu: Tofu-veggie curry with rice
– 300 gr. brown rice
– 1 tbspn olive oil
– 2 chopped onions
– 2 tbspn curry powder
– 1 leek
– 250 gr. green beans
– 1 zucchini (in slices)
– 400 gr. tofu
– 100 gr. cashews
– 400 ml. cocosmilk
– garlic and pepper to taste

Dessert: Nutella-banana ice cream
– 2 large bananas (ripe is the best!): click here to shop!
– 100 g low-fat quark: click here to shop!
– 1 tspn WheyTella: click here to shop!
(or replace with: raw cacao powderNutella or chocolate chips)
Click here to read how to make it in only 25 minutes!

What I love about this menu..
The menu is very easy to prepare. All 3 dishes I have made on forehand and especially the first 2 courses were easy to warm-up when everyone was at my place. The Nutella-banana ice cream is the best dessert to make when you’re serving a large group of persons and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little chocolate for dessert?! You’ll only need 3 ingredients to make it and you can keep it in the freezer till everyone’s ready. Don’t forget to get it out of the freezer on time, because you don’t want people to “bite” it or serve them a milkshake :p hahaha

The next time you are having your family or friends over and you need some foodspiration? Use the Foodie-ness menu from this blog post and feel free to write me a message when you need help or are having some questions!

Thank you for reading girlies!

With love,
P.S. The recipe for my tofu-veggie curry with rice is not yet up on the Foodie-ness blog. Would you like to see it online? Just shout girls!!

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