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6x how I use my smartwatch for healthy living

My favorite gadget at this moment is without a doubt: my lovely smartwatch! I have this one for a little while now and it’s something I use for so many things, with so much pleasure. It’s such a handy guide and a nice addition to my smartphone usage. Read here how I use my smartwatch for healthy living:

1. Activity tracking
It keeps track of all the active movement I have during the day. Walking, biking or working out – it captures all my moves and how much energy it takes. This reminds me to get active when I’ve been working behind my desk for too long and gives good insight in if I’ve reached my daily goal.

2. Instant feedback
My smartwatch gives me instant feedback on my behavior. I set my goals and the smartwatch helps me to reach them by informing me frequently (yes – I need that too!). The biggest benefit is that you always have it with you and you can’t cheat. This makes it easier to create healthy habits!

3. Sleep measurement
A good night sleep is the base for a healthy body and mind. A smartwatch can track the time and quality of your sleep, which can help to improve your sleeping behavior. My sleep isn’t always as great, so I find it interesting to capture and analyze this.

4. Hart rate check
I check my heart rate frequently, because it is quite interesting. Not only during workouts, but also in rest or while eating it can be useful to know how your heart is beating. This can make it clear whether you have a healthy heart or there’s room for improvement in it by bettering your lifestyle.

5. Better myself
The smartwatch is a good way to motivate me to get the best out of my day. It’s an eye-opener to what I’m doing on a daily base and makes me more mindful. This can reduce stress levels which is very important for our well-being. The work is up to you, but it’s a nice reminder to get going ☺

6. Feel pretty
And last but not least: this smartwatch makes you feel pretty too! I’ve tried several sporty activity trackers before, and though they we’re working very well, it never ever matches my all day every day casual look at all. This smartwatch almost looks too pretty to believe it’s a smartwatch – if you ask me 😉

This is how I use my smartwatch for healthy living, matching my health goals – and matching my daily outfits too! Smartwatches have many practical options to it, making it a lot more fun than a regular watch. And, not to forget, a smartwatches can be very fashionable, giving your outfit the finishing touch 😉

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  • Petra

    Love this post!

    I’d add one more feature I really like on my smart watch – reminder to drink more water.
    Most of us unknowingly suffer from chronic dehydration and this is a underlying cause of many illnesses.


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