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4x why you should try the newest fit trend: Bungee Super Fly workout

This season I’m all for extraordinary sports to combine fun with fitness. Last month I got to try out a new type of exercise that actually makes you feel like flying! How awesome sounds that?! It’s a total new fitness trend and we finally have the first place to go in the Netherlands – and in my hometown Amsterdam #yay. The Bungee Super Fly workout doesn’t only has a  high fun factor, but is very effective for creating a summer body as well. And here’s how!

For my first time ever Bungee Super Fly experience, I teamed up with Herbalife Nutrition and invited 4 Foodie-ness winners to join! I’m very much into trying out new sporty things and due to its high fun-factor this newest fit trend Bungee Super Fly workout got me excited right away. It’s a type of full body workout while being attached to the ceiling by a bungee cord. Because you are strapped in the bungee by the waist you have free movement to bounce around and fight gravity.

It’s definitely something I want to try more often. If you haven’t tried the newest fit trend Bungee Super Fly workout yet, I recommend to go for it!

“Superwoman vibes guaranteed”

4x why Bungee Super Fly works for a healthy body and mind:
1. Full body
Your whole body is being worked from top to bottom, with all different kind of exercises. It’s the perfect combo of strength, cardio, body shaping and flexibility.

2. Feeling weightless
Being attached to a cord makes you able to do more than normal, which is a nice motivator to get going and helps working on your techniques.

3. Playful moments
With all its jumping and flying around it is feels like so much fun and brings lots of laughter. The gained happy feelings will last all day J

4. High intensity
Though it doesn’t really feel like hardcore exercising, you’ll be sweating in no time. To get us going through the Bungee workout we used a sport shake from the Herbalife24 product range ahead of our workout. The “Formula 1 Sport” is a high-protein shake that establishes a solid nutritional foundation that supports quality athletic performance (during training) and faster recovery (afterwards). We shaked 2 scoops with 250 ml soy milk and frozen fruits. It was creamy, tasty and filling – super yummy! And somehow I had no soreness..

There’s still one more extraordinary Herbalife workout on this year’s agenda and I can’t wait to tell you which one it is! Oh boy, oh boy – stay tuned to my social media channels, because I can guarantee to you the IG stories will be hilarious 😉

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