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4 tips to best balance cardio with weight training

People tend to choose a side when it comes to fitness: you either love cardio and can’t get enough of it, or you hate it and stay away from it while putting all your energy into lifting weights. I used to be a cardio-only person, but then I found out the benefits of weight training and now I prefer to combine it! Today I want to share my four tips with you, about how you to best fit these two in your workout schedule!

Cardio has great health benefits and can be used as a tool for losing weight. Adding weight training to your workout routine is needed to get stronger and to shape your body. FYI girls, lifting weights won’t make you manly or look like Popeye, but will give you those hard rock abs and firm booty! Depending on your personal body goals there are some guidelines about how to best balance cardio with weight training. Here we go!

4 TIPS: How to best balance cardio with weight training?
1. Split it up:
You can choose to split your cardio and lifting sessions during the week, like I do myself. For example: Monday leg day, Thursday HIIT training, Tuesday lower body, Friday upper body strength training and in the weekend a cardio sesh. This way you can fully focus your workout session on one aspect of your fitness goals.

2. Cardio first: Another option is to do both cardio and weight training in the same workout session. Starting with cardio and ending with weights is good when you want to improve your endurance.

3. Weights first: Want to burn fat and create more muscle? Then you would need to start your session with lifting and ending it with some cardio.

4. Circuit training: Is your goal to maintain a healthy life, then a circuit training might be best for you! This type of training has exercises for endurance and strength mixed together.

Getting enough exercise during the day is really important for your body and overall health. Besides cardio and lifting sessions, you can get your exercising with activities like biking to school or taking a nice walk during your lunch break at work. The total of your activity during the week counts! You might wanna read my blog post about the weight-loss benefits of a walk after dinner and before bedtime, click here 🙂

So you don’t have to choose between cardio or lifting per se, just try to find a good balance with those two and have the best of both worlds. Don’t forget to listen to your body and set your personal goals, in order to find out what suits you best. We’re all unique and need a personalized approach. Let me know what your thoughts are about cardio and weight lifting? What do you like most and how do you combine it?

Oh and P.S. Click here to read more about my lessons learned when I was over-doing the cardio during my weight-loss journey.

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